Welcome to the groundbreaking world of "Modified Clay Material" by RUNGRANDA – a fusion of clay and sands crafted through patented unfired technology. This innovative process combines materials at low heat temperatures, blending clay with recycled components to minimize its carbon footprint and emulate a truly natural form.

In this blog, we will delve into the captivating fusion of safety and aesthetics through the application of Modified Clay Material in architectural design. Discover how its distinctive qualities not only elevate the visual appeal but also bolster security measures and promote cost-effective solutions within the realm of design.


Unveiling the Essence:

A Harmonious Blend of Safety and Aesthetics

Diverse Appearances and Flexibility

Versatile aesthetics:

Offering a range of styles such as marble, matte, woven, and brick, all exhibiting bamboo-like flexibility, capable of bending without fracturing, catering to diverse decorative preferences.



Secure and Efficient:

Compared to traditional decorative materials, Modified Clay Material is lighter in weight, smaller in volume, easier to transport, and simpler to install. It requires fewer workers and has a shorter construction period, making it suitable for large-scale installations. It is particularly friendly to high-rise buildings, with easy maintenance and a reduced risk of detachment, thus lowering construction, transportation, and maintenance risks, significantly increasing the safety index.

Secure and Efficient

Marvelous Characteristics

  • Temperature Regulation: Ensuring a consistently comfortable environment year-round.
  • Humidity Control: Creating a healthy and comfortable living space by regulating indoor humidity.
  • Durability: Resilient and enduring, maintaining quality for up to 70 years indoors and 50 years outdoors.
  • Air Purification: Absorbing odors and refreshing indoor air quality.
  • Fire Safety (A-class): Recognized as a national A-class flame-retardant material, enhancing building safety.

These attributes provide robust support for the manifestation of safety and aesthetics.

Installation Steps

  1. Uniform Mixing of Adhesive and Water
  2. Marking Guidelines on the Wall Base
  3. Application of Adhesive to the Back of Tiles
  4. Even the Application of Adhesive Using a Toothed Trowel
  5. Adjustment and Fixation by Moving and Pressing
  6. Uniform Mixing of Grout Powder and Water
  7. Filling Gaps Between Tiles with Grout
  8. Using a Larger Steel Bar to Fill Gaps
  9. Removal of Excess Dried Grout

Patents and Certifications

Our product is patented in the US and EU and holds flame-retardant, green, and SGS certificates.



Choosing the "Modified Clay Material Marvel" goes beyond decorating buildings – it's about transforming lifestyles. This revolutionary material combines safety and aesthetics seamlessly, creating spaces that are not just visually pleasing but also safer and more sustainable.

Next Steps

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