As consumer concepts evolve, people are increasingly seeking three key elements in home renovation: practicality, personalization, and environmental friendliness. Riding this trend, a new material known as CCP (Carbon Crystal Plate) is gaining popularity in the home renovation and project market due to its outstanding performance.

【1: Unparalleled Fire Safety】

In contrast to traditional wood boards, wallpapers, and other renovation materials, the most prominent advantage of Rungranda CCP lies in its excellent fire resistance. After rigorous testing by authoritative institutions, it has obtained the highest A-level fire resistance certification. This means that even in the event of a catastrophic fire, Rungranda CCP can effectively prevent fire spread, and ensure the utmost safety for family members.

In addition to its outstanding fire resistance, Rungranda carbon crystal plates also possess excellent flame-retardant properties. Manufactured using calcium silicate board as the base material and treated with specialized processes, they can effectively delay the spread of fire, providing crucial time for evacuation. Moreover, no toxic gases are released during combustion, ensuring air safety.


【2: A New Paradigm in Environmental Protection】

Rungranda carbon crystal panels are crafted from natural bamboo powder, calcium powder, polymer materials, and other environmentally friendly raw materials. No chemical substances are added during the entire production process. The primary raw material, bamboo charcoal, is an essential source of environmental protection, made through high-temperature carbonization at 800 degrees Celsius, even incorporating nanotechnology. As a result, Rungranda CCP can absorb sound, purify the air, and regulate humidity, aligning with the global trend of carbon neutrality.

From raw materials to production processes, Rungranda CCP adheres to the strictest environmental protection concepts. Furthermore, it contributes freshness and vitality to the home environment while causing virtually no secondary pollution. In today's world, where people increasingly value health and environmental protection, choosing such a low-carbon and eco-friendly new home material is undoubtedly the wisest choice.

【3: Unlimited Personalized Customization】

Home decoration emphasizes personalization, and Rungranda CCP perfectly meets this requirement. With a solid base and excellent plasticity, these panels can be cut, bent, and wrapped according to individual preferences, with two thickness options available (8mm / 5mm), providing unlimited possibilities for personalized creative designs.

Additionally, the variety of surface patterns adds a unique charm to living spaces. Whether aiming for an industrial style or combining with other decorative elements to create artistic shapes, as long as you're willing to experiment, you can inject unlimited vitality into your home with Rungranda carbon crystal plates.

【4: Durable and Longer Product Life】

Durability has always been a pain point for traditional decoration materials, but Rungranda CCP has effectively addressed this issue. Covered with a nano-level thickened paper film, these panels boast outstanding anti-fouling and moisture-proof abilities, ensuring a much longer service life compared to ordinary wallpapers and coatings. Rungranda customers can eliminate the hassle of frequent renovations.


With Rungranda CCP, you can enjoy a fashionable texture while devoting your energy entirely to your life and career. For those seeking value for money and high-quality products, Rungranda carbon crystal plates will undoubtedly make your renovation investment worthwhile.


In summary, with its exceptional fire safety, environmental protection, personalized customization, and durability, Rungranda CCP brings convenience to home and project decoration, perfectly embodying modern consumers' pursuit of convenient, highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and personalized decoration concepts. If you yearn to create a distinctive, modern, and stylish space, then Rungranda CCP is the choice for you.