What is the material of the carbon crystal plate? The carbon crystal plate is made of natural bamboo powder, calcium powder, new polymer composite material, carbon crystal powder and PVC powder. The raw materials do not contain formaldehyde. No other materials are added in the process, so its environmental protection degree is very high.
Carbon crystal panels

Carbon crystal panels are also called bamboo charcoal veneer panels. There are different names in the market. Carbon crystal panels are bamboo charcoal that is dried and carbonized at 800 degrees to form bamboo charcoal.
Using nanotechnology, first micronize the bamboo charcoal, then process the nano-scale bamboo charcoal micropowder through high-tech technology, and then use the traditional chemical fiber preparation process to spin and shape, and prepare a qualified bamboo charcoal fiber substrate. The surface coating of carbon crystal plate has rich styles, various styles and convenient construction, so it is deeply favored by people.